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2017 Q4 Deals and Promos
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  Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry / General Dentistry

  Top Lab Essentials

Contour Powder
Contour Powder

Porcelain Surface Indicator
Stone Die Hardener

Die Spacers
Die Spacers

Gold/Silver, Assorted Colors


Rubber Sep

Rubber Separating Agent
Insta Glaze
Polishing Systems

Ceramic / Composite

True Release
Debubbilizers / Surfactants

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Recommended Products

TAUB Products - Eyewash Station
Emergency Eyewash Station
Single rotatable body: multi-direction water jet. Turn down for normal use and washing hands. Turn up to wash eyes and face.

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TAUB Products - FUSION Silane
- First and best on the market.
- Use for all Porcelain restorations where silanation is indicated.
- Repair chipped and broken restorations.

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TAUB Products - FUSION-Zr Veneer Cement
Veneer Styx Intro Kit
2x Styx, 25x Veneer Tips Blue, 25x Inlay/Onlay Tips White

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TAUB Products - True Relase
TRUE RELEASE - Die Lubricant
- Wets the surface of the die allowing close contact of the wax to the die for greater accuracy of the casting.
- Easy removal of the wax pattern off stone, epoxy or plated dies

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