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Directions & Uses:

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Dual Cure Cement for Zirconia & CAD/CAM Restorations

  • FUSION-Zr™ Dual Cure Resin Cement.

  • Self-adhesive.

  • For permanent cementation of all-ceramic restorations, zirconia, CAD/CAM materials, veneers, crown & bridge, inlays/onlays, PFM, posts/fiber posts.

  • Easy peel-a-way cleanup.

  • Bonding agents can be used. Bonding agents are not required.

FUSION-Zr™ is available in Crystal Clear shade for Accurate Visualization and Opal White shade for Natural Brightness.

Items List:
Fusion-Zr Dual Cure - Crystal Clear 7gm Syringe: Item # 06-5200 (Incl. 10x Auto Mix Tips)
Fusion-Zr Dual Cure - Opal White 7gm Syringe: Item # 06-5210 (Incl. 10x Auto Mix Tips)
Fusion-Zr Auto Mix Tips 25pk for 7gm Syringe: Item # 06-5900
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