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STELLAR™ DC Acrylic - Dual cure PMMA Resin
The Ultimate Dual Cure Pick-Up Resin: Save $1k's - Build it right the first time!

Fast and easy application. Extreme durability makes STELLAR an excellent choice for PMMA Denture to TI Chimney pick-ups and conversions and Locator pick-ups. Instant Auto-Mix.

Tack cure and build 5 seconds, Light-cure 20 seconds, Self-cure in 120 Seconds.
No waiting!

Efficiency and Increased Production: Our unique chemistry and technology offers the Oral Surgeon, CDT, and GP an acrylic that increases production, by dramatically reducing production times, which helps the bottom line. STELLAR's on-demand continuous flow of material allows quick and easy fabrication.

One application pays for itself and then some...
  • First use pays for syringe!
  • Instant Auto-Mix.
  • Dual Cure: 5 sec. Tack cure and build
    Light cure 20 sec; Self-cure 120 sec.
  • PMMA Resin chemically bonds to PMMA Dentures.
  • NO shrinkage.
  • NO polymerization heat.
  • Extreme durability - "Rock Hard"
    When pressure / heat added.
  • Fastest production times.
  • Burns out clean - "no residue".
  • Material easily layered. 5 second tack cure.
  • Excellent and accurate reproduction of detail.
  • Grinds easily.
  • Fantastic Pattern Resin.
  • PMMA Denture Locator pick-ups.
  • PMMA Denture to Chimney pick-up and conversions.
  • Create Implant Verification Jigs, Implant Abutment Seating Guide, Indexes.
  • Create Pickup Impression Copings.
  • Position misaligning implant components during seating.
  • Connect or fix single implant parts for soldering and welding.
  • Copings for PFM restorations.
  • Denture repair in minutes.
  • CDT and Oral surgeon approved.
ITEM #: 50-1010 - Red - 1x 5.85 gm Syringe

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STELLAR™ DC Acrylic - Item # 50-1010 (Incl. Tips)

Pickup Impression Coping / Abutment Seating Jig
Case by: Zachary Sonkin, DDS & Roy Sonkin, DDS Abutment Seating Jig

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How dentists can save time with STELLAR DC Acrylic
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June 14, 2018