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Space-It Die Spacer
A controlled technique for relieving dies before wax-up, by applying 2 coats of liquid (any color) over the die for uniform coverage approximately 25 microns space. Each coat is around 12 microns thick. Liquids are fast setting. Use on stone, amalgam, plated or epoxy dies. It is also a high spot indicator.

According to studies at a leading university, precision castings will not seat, be as much as 200 microns, unless relieved. To provide adequate space for cement and common internal discrepancies for ALL crowns and inlays, two coats of fast-drying Space-It will provide much better marginal fit by allowing castings to seat more completely. Space-It also greatly reduces the need for occlusal adjusting.

Space-It is available in a variety of sizes for individual components. The item list below will give sizes and Item #'s for ordering. Other sizes and colors (Sky Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, etc.) not listed are available.

Items List:
Space-It Kit - Any two colors - 1/2 oz: Item # CALL US (2x Any Color 1/2 oz, 1x Thinner 1 oz)
Space-It - Red - 1/2 oz: Item # 04-2000
Space-It - Red - 1 oz: Item # 04-2001
Space-It - Red - 2 oz: Item # 04-2002
Space-It - Blue - 1/2 oz: Item # 04-2010
Space-It - Blue - 1 oz: Item # 04-2011
Space-It - Blue - 2 oz: Item # 04-2012
Space-It - Yellow - 1/2 oz: Item # 04-2030
Space-It - Yellow - 1 oz: Item # 04-2031
Space-It - Yellow - 2 oz: Item # 04-2032
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