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Directions & Uses:

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FUSION-Zr™ is a self-adhesive, light cure veneer cement and is indicated for the adhesive cementation of all-ceramic restorations, Lithium Disilicate and CAD/CAM type materials, where light curing is desired.

SPEED-SET - Highly light sensitive, cures completely and fast.

FUSION-Zr™ Can be used on all porcelain crowns.

ULTRA GRIP PLACEMENT gives FUSION-Zr™ a unique stay-put viscosity that holds veneers in place.

Easy peel-a-way cleanup.

Self-Adhesive: Bonding agents can be used. Bonding agents are not required.

FUSION-Zr™ is available in Crystal Clear shade for Accurate Visualization and Opal White shade for Natural Brightness. Corresponding try-in gels of the same colors are also available.


Rated Highly in the independent Clinicians Report®
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An indirect approach to direct composite resin veneers.
Dental Economics, FUSION-Zr Resin Cements (Ross Nash / Debra Engelhardt-Nash).
This Componeer case shows the use of bonding agent One Coat 7.0 from Coltene before the use of FUSION-Zr as this is a Coltene sponsored article.
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How to place porcelain veneers with minimal preparation
Dental Products Report. FUSION-Zr Veneer Cement
Dr. Ross Nash outlines how he enhanced one patient's smile with a minimally invasive technique.
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Resurfacing Tooth Structure With Ceramic Laminates
Dentistry Today. FUSION-Zr Veneer Cement
Dr. Ross Nash
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An independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report®. For the full report, go to or click this link.

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FUSION-Zr Veneer Cement Kit - Crystal Clear / Opal White - 4 pk: Item # 06-5000 (2x 1.2ml Crystal Clear Syringe, 2x 1.2ml Opal White Syringe, 20x Applicator Tips)
FUSION-Zr Veneer Cement Kit - Crystal Clear - 2pk: Item # 06-5010 (2x 1.2ml Clear Syringe, 10x Applicator Tips)
FUSION-Zr Veneer Cement Kit - Opal White - 2pk: Item # 06-5020 (2x 1.2ml Opal White Syringe, 10x Applicator Tips)
FUSION-Zr Veneer Cement Kit - New White (More Opaque) - 2pk: Item # 06-5030 (2x 1.2ml New White Syringe, 10x Applicator Tips) This cement is less translucent then the Opal White and helps opaque background.
FUSION-Zr Dispensing Tips 25pk for 1.2ml Syringe: Item # 06-5920
FUSION-Zr Dispensing Tips 100pk for 1.2ml Syringe: Item # 06-5925