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SDS Bright Spot I
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Larry Brent Headshot

"Love the Bright Spot indicator, makes adjusting crown contacts so easy!"

"Bright Spot is an elegant way to adjust proximal crown contacts at insertion."
- Dr. Larry Brent, DMD
Bright Spot - High Spot Indicator
Bright Spot I - Bright Spot I is a quick drying white liquid that creates a thin 7 micron film. It provides an excellent contrast to and aids articulating paper to mark surfaces that paper alone will not readily mark such as highly polished porcelain and metal. Because only a minimum amount of pressure is needed to mark the film, premature marks are more readily apparent. Use it also for checking high spots inside crowns, for interproximal contacts, on inside clasps. The film will easily scratch or rub off indicating the high spot.

Bright Spot II red indicating liquid stays wet as a thin film of around 7 microns. It is applied to the opposing or adjacent surface and transfers a mark at the lightest touch or contact. It is applied on the opposing side or arch for diagnostic evaluation and equilibration on enamel or models. Use it on the inside of crowns to detect internal discrepancies. Use it for checking crowns or for seating partial denture framework. Bright Spot II is best when applied to a dry surface. It will mark, even if the surface is wet from saliva or water spray.

When using Bright Spot II on a model, it is best to first coat the stone surface with Stone Die Hardener to seal the surface to prevent our material from penetrating the surface. It also makes it easier to clean the film off of the stone model.

Bright Spot is best applied with a Microbrush or similar applicator. The kit comes with thinner which is used to keep the liquids thinned.

Bright Spot I is readily scratched or rubbed off. Bright Spot II is readily cleaned off with a wet paper or cotton roll.

We offer other contact transfer liquids which provide high spot capabilities similar to Bright Spot II. Bright Spot III is white, Bright Spot IV is blue, Bright Spot V is light green and Bright Spot VI is pink. The Bright Spot colors I and III are made with titanium dioxide pigment, Bright Spot II is made with iron oxide pigments and Bright Spot IV, V, and VI are made with organic pigments. These would be good for the lab technician.

Items List:
Bright Spot - Kit: Item # 13-1000 (1x BS I - 1/2oz, 1x BS II - 1/2oz, 1x BS Thinner - 1oz)
Bright Spot - I - White - 1/2 oz: Item # 13-2000
Bright Spot - II - Red - 1/2 oz: Item # 13-2010
Bright Spot - III - White (no bond) - 1/2 oz: Item # 13-2020
Bright Spot - IV - Blue - 1/2 oz: Item # 13-2030
Bright Spot - IV - Dark Blue - 1/2 oz: Item # 13-2035
Bright Spot - V - Lt. Green - 1/2 oz: Item # 13-2040
Bright Spot - VI - Pink - 1/2 oz: Item # 13-2050
Bright Spot - Thinner - 1 oz: Item # 13-4000
Bright Spot - Thinner - 2 oz: Item # 13-4001
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