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ecoBlast™ - LB007 - LED Wand Curing Light
Item #: 44-1050

The Blast™ family of Curing Lights offered by First Medica™ takes advantage of third generation, high power, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). Third generation light sources offer higher light output, longer operating life and greater electrical and thermal efficiencies. These lights have a peak output very near the camphoroquinone (CQ) absorption maximum for high performance. Nearly all light cured composite, cements and sealants are CQ based. LED light sources are designed to last the life of the unit and never need to be replaced.

Wand shaped lights such as the ecoBlast™ are smaller and lighter than the LED Blast™. Many assistants find this style light ideal for quick procedures, and the light weight less burdensome for prolonged use. With great performance, excellent quality and economical pricing the ecoBlast™ is the right choice.

    - High power >1,000mw/cm2
    - Lightweight plastic case
    - Removable LBT01-08 8mm glass tip
    - Long lasting LiIon battery provides over 500 five second cures
    - Timer settings of 5,10 & 20 seconds
    - Most economical light offered by First Medica
    - Assembled in USA
    - 1 year warranty
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Available accessories:
ecoBlast LB007 w/ 2x 8 mm LBT01-08 Tips Item #: 44-1052
LBT01-08 8mm Tip Item #: 44-1052