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Retrievable - Easy to See - Simple Removal of Excess Cement

  • Allows retrievability of cemented implant restorations.
  • Increased radio-opacity allows for pinpoint accuracy of excess sub-gingival cement.
  • Resins are non-acidic and kind to tissue.
  • Bio-Compatible to tissue.
  • Non-irritating and less patient discomfort.
  • Promotes good oral health and faster healing.
  • Intermediate to Permanent retention
  • Easily retrievable
  • High Radio-opacity
  • Bio-compatible
  • Anti-microbial
  • Dual-cure
  • Low solubility
  • Low film thickness
  • Easy clean-up
  • Great color contrast to tissue
  • Made in USA

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#18 / #19 Posterior Restoration using ZERO-G.
Radiograph before / during / after placement

Case by: Ross Nash, DDS
Abutment Seating Jig

ZERO-G™ is a dual-cure implant cement and is recommended for intermediate to long-term cementation of implant-retained restorations. During recall the restoration can be easily removed.

ZERO-G™ provides excellent radio-opacity for good visualization after cementation to document complete clean-up, as well as diagnostic examination upon follow-up.

ZERO-G™ implant cement is retentive, and easily allows removal of excess cement, where it may occur. Unique color has great contrast to gingival tissue, creating easy visualization. Simple, easy clean-up.

Light-cure: 20 seconds - allows complete margin curing.
Self-cure: Working time: 1 min 45 sec. Set time: 2 min 30 sec.

This cement can also be used for traditional crown and bridge restorations when following pocelain or Zirconia bonding procedures.

Directions & Uses:
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Items List:
ZERO-G™ Bio-Implant Cement Kit - 7gm Syringe - 2 pk: Item # 46-1000 (Incl. 20x Auto Mix Tips)
ZERO-G™ Bio-Implant Cement Kit - 7gm Syringe - 1 pc: Item # 46-1005 (Incl. 10x Auto Mix Tips)
Auto Mix Tips - 25pk for 7gm Syringe: Item # 06-5900
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