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HyperGrip Pickup Liquid makes a typical micro style brush applicator, or dental instrument, become a placement / pick up instrument. Dip the brush applicator tip into the HyperGrip liquid. The tip will dry and become tacky or sticky, letting the user pick up and place thin, delicate veneers, inlays, onlays, tiny screws, and even heavy crowns. It will pick up any material, including Zirconia, 1CEREC, and 2e.max® without leaving a residue. Use it to hold crowns internally when staining. Ideal forretrieving small objects in difficult to reach areas. Use it to pick up and place orthodontic brackets, and internal implant screws.
The tacky tip will not release the object until it is pulled off. A HyperGrip coated tip is ideal for holding a veneer. Use it to turn the veneer over to apply the resin cement on the inside surface of the veneer, then place the veneer. Repeat the process again for the next veneer. A single applicator can be used for many placements for the same patient. Use a new placement applicator when needed. Once the veneer is placed, use the TAUB Veneer Styx Kit (Item 45-1000) (veneer tips or inlay/onlay tips) to hold the veneer while removing the placement tip. Gently squeeze out the excess cement or move and adjust the veneer and tack cure.

HyperGrip has enough liquid to make over 400 placement applicators. It is a great cost saving product over other brands of placement applicator tips and avoids the inconvenience of running out of placement tips. HyperGrip coated applicator tips will stay tacky for months. The kit comes with 3 applicator holding bottles.

ITEM #: 51-1000 - HyperGrip Kit
Kit includes: 1 ea. 6mL HyperGrip Pickup Liquid and 3 holding bottles.

EAN Code: 5060544150017
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Items List:
HyperGrip™ Kit - Item # 51-1000 Kit includes: 1 ea. 6mL HyperGrip Pickup Liquid and 3 holding bottles.

1. CEREK materials are manufactured by Dentsply Sirona material. 2. e.max is a registered trade mark of Ivoclar Vivadent.