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Trident CPR - Crown Placer / Remover
The Trident CPR is a specially designed extra strong stainless steel hemostat with rotating stainless steel grippers and a locking ratchet to latch on to posterior crowns that are to be either placed or removed. The stainless grippers have elastomer cushions which are contoured to the shape of a molar tooth, providing good gripping capability. Since metal does not contact the crown directly there is less likelihood of damage. Caution though, this instrument with its "Bulldog Grip" on a crown is such that you must exercise good judgement and care that you remove only the crown and not the tooth as well.

This instrument is useful for carrying crowns for placement, especially when wearing surgical gloves.

Under normal useage the elastomer cushions are guaranteed to last one year and can easily be reordered.

Before first use please click on our Directions and Uses to find out how to properly use the CPR.

Items List:
Trident - CPR - Crown Placer / Remover - 1 unit Item # 99-1000
Trident - CPR - Replacement Tips - 2pk Item # 99-1001