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    1. Shake well - Make sure all piqments have been shaken up. Space-It must be as free flowing as water, add thinner as needed.
    2. To create a 25 micron space for cement, apply 2 thin coats of Space-It with smooth, even strokes from a small brush, to any die material. - Stone dies, amalgam, plated or epoxy.
    3. Keep Space-It 1/2 mm short of the margin.
    4. Allow 30 seconds to one minute drying time between each application.
    5. Alternate colors of gold and silver to insure uniform thickness.
    6. After Space-It is applied, lubricate the die before applying wax.

Other Applications:

    Space-It colors can be used as a visual aid for patient education. As a visual aid Space-It can be applied to stone or plaster models, porcelain or acrylic teeth. Easily removed with thinner. As a high spot indicator, Space-It colors will indicate where internal discrepancies of the crown, bind on the die.