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FUSION SILANE Coupling Agent - Instructions:

    1. Place 5 drops of liquid A and 5 drops of liquid B in the "MIX" bottle. Shake well and set aside for at least 15 minutes. (This is essential to assure complete activation.)
    2. FUSION Silane is now ready for use and will remain stable for about 3 weeks.
    3. Mark expiration date on side of "MIX" bottle. Discard mix after expiration date.
    4. Before making a new supply, wash "MIX" bottle with alcohol and dry thoroughly.
    5. As you make fresh supply, enter a new expiration date on the "MIX" bottle.
    6. When not in use, keep the bottles tightly sealed and store kit in a refrigerator or a cool dark area.
    7. Let bottles come to room temperature before opening to make a new mix.
Repair Procedure: Porcelain-Gold restorations, Porcelain Jackets, Porcelain Denture Teeth

    1. Where possible, grind lightly to clean damaged porcelain and roughen exposed metal. Do not grind porcelain to expose metal if porcelain bond is strong. If exposed metal has oxides present (grayish surface), do not remove or grind area.
    2. Clean with Alcohol.
    3. Apply a thin coat of FUSION Silane to damaged area and allow FUSION Silane to set for 2-3 minutes, then blow dry.
    4. Use your resin bonding agent (or a wet mix of self-cure acrylic) or flowable composite in the desired color. While mix is still wet, restore chip or crack. If large area is broken away, rebuild with the wet acrylic or composite to desired size and shape. - The resins will bond to the metal or porcelain.
    5. Caution: Should be used if acrylic is applied by brush technique, because too much free monomer may wash away FUSION Silane and prevent bonding.
    6. When either acrylic or composites have cured hard, carve or trim to correct contour, then polish.