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TRU-PAQUE - Instructions:

  1. Shake the bottle well before using.
  2. Apply after boilout on the cool, dry metal surface.
  3. Make sure there is no residual wax or greasy film.
  4. Roughen / sandblast the polished metal surface to enhance the bond. Can be used under all acrylics, bis-acrylic and composite resins, self or light cured resins.
  5. Apply thin and keep thin by adding thinner as needed.
To enhance the bond of Tru-Paque:
  1. It is recommended to first mix a few drops of the desired Tru-Paque color into a dappen dish along with 5-6 drops of self-cure monomer and stir the liquids together.
  2. Sprinkle a small amount of self-cure acrylic powder into the mix and allow it to start to thicken up, stirring the mix to make it uniform.
  3. Brush this coating onto the metal surface and allow it to cure. Because it is a soupy mix, it will take longer to cure. The addition of the resin and monomer will make the opaque liquid become a harder film. It will not be dislodged during packing of the acrylic over the surface nor be affected by the monomer which could otherwise soften and dislodge the Tru-Paque film.
Tru-Paque pink is a shade used on the mesh of the framework.

Tru-Paque tan, yellow, light cream, dark yellow, white and gray would be used on labial / buccal metal surface prior to placement of acrylic or other resin.

 Light Cream: Item #: 07-2000 61, 62, 63 A2, B2
 Light Yellow: Item #: 07-2010 60, 66, 67, 69 A1, A3, B3, C2
 Tan: Item #: 07-2020 65, 68 D3
 Dark Yellow: Item #: 07-2030 77 to 87 ----
 Grey: Item #: 07-2040 For incisal shades
 Pink: Item #: 07-2060 For framework mesh
 White: Item #: 07-2050 For masking metal facings

Blends may be obtained by mixing any of the above colors together.

The thin film of Tru-Paque will not interfere with or undermine the mechanical retention on the metal surface.

Resins placed over the film will bond to it.

The Tru-Paque thinner is used to keep the colors thin and also to clean the applicator brush. The Tru-Paque bottles should be kept sealed. Addition of thinner maintains their thin consistency.

Note: If Tru-Paque solidifies, fill bottle with thinner, let stand for 5 days, shake well and stir. It will redissolve completely and be ready for use again.