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Insta-Glaze Instructions:

  1. Grind areas to be corrected.

  2. Smooth the ground area with a fine abrasive wheel, fine grit mounted point or diamond point.

  3. Go over area with rubber wheel (supplied). In many instances use of rubber wheel may not be needed.

  4. Using one of the felt wheels, cone or taper (supplied), apply a very small amount of INSTA-GLAZE paste onto the wheel. To prevent paste from flying off wheel, either press paste into wheel with finger or press wheel and paste against porcelain area to be polished. On the first use of a new wheel, it may be desirable to apply INSTA-GLAZE on 3 separately spaced areas of wheel. Subsequent use needs only a single application.

  5. Apply medium pressure to unpolished area and polish at medium speed with hand piece (20,000 rpm).

  6. Polish for 10-20 seconds. Repeat procedures 4 and 5, if needed.

  7. Rinse area off with running water. No scrubbing necessary. Buff dry with tissue.

  8. For polishing microfilled resins, contour first as in procedure 2. Use the INSTA-GLAZE as a final polishing medium for a mirror finish, as described in procedure 4. Use low speed around 4000 rpm, to avoid heat generation. Keep area dry.

  9. An alternative to the felt wheel (for intra-oral use) is using an unribbed prophy cup. It is suggested that a small cotton pellet be put inside the cup first, and then the INSTA-GLAZE placed on top. This duplicates the action of a felt wheel. Finish as before.