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Smart Spacer Instructions:

Determine the correct shade of SMART SPACER® from the prescription supplied by the dentist. Refer to the chart and/or the painted shade guide that you create.

Shake bottles well before opening for uniform consistency of material and shade.

Apply 2 coats of SMART SPACER® for 25 microns space to within 1/2 mm of margins, allowing each coat to dry first. After 2nd coat, let stand 1-2 minutes. Lubricate with TAUB TRUE RELEASE or other quality die lubricant and then wax up. Follow manufacturer's procedures for investing and pressing. Once pressed ceramic has cooled, place back onto original die with SMART SPACER® already on. Check for fit. Any internal high spot on crown or onlay/inlay will scratch die spacer. Make adjustments, as normal. To make better color contacts to spacer, apply build-up liquid, water, or other wetting liquid before setting crown back on the preparation.

To adjust color at margin, it may be necessary to apply one coat of SMART SPACER® onto margin, just to keep color of preparation consistent. Too much buildup on the margin could damage cast crown when placing it back onto preparation.

Follow manufacturers' procedures for color modifications of ceramic crown.

SMART SPACER® can also be used for color enhancement of porcelain laminates. However, SMART SPACER® is not a refractory die spacer and should not be used for direct firing.

SMART SPACER® color SS W, is a white opaque die spacer. It is useful for color modification of the spacer or for masking the model surface color. To soften a color, use it in lieu of the first of the two coats of the colors.

Normally, two coats of the shades are required to mask out the color of the die stone as well as give a more accurate color of the die spacer shade.

Use Thinner SS T to keep shades at proper consistency, or to remove spacer off of die, if desired.

Apply two coats of each shade of SMART SPACER® onto the die stone that you use in your lab to create your shade guide of SMART SPACER®. The shades may vary slightly depending on the stone's porosity, density and color as well as the perception of color from the background of the stone. Make sure to mark the SMART SPACER® number along side of these applications.

By using Taub Rubber Sep white over the die preparation after SMART SPACER® is applied, the SMART SPACER® color will show through after the Rubber Sep has dried clear. Rubber Sep will allow the easy removal of whatever is applied on top, e.g., composite resins, wax buildup, etc.

By using Rubber Sep prior to applying SMART SPACER®, the die spacer can be readily peeled off of the die stone, should this be desirable.

Our two coat color layering technique creates a more versatile shading system. By applying one shade on top of a different shade or shade modifier, SMART SPACER® allows you to make your own custom stump shade.

It may be desirable to apply 1 to 2 coats of a die hardening/sealing solution such as Taub Stone Die & Plaster Hardener, on the preparation, margins, opposing arch, or wherever contact abrasion will occur, before putting on SMART SPACER®. This will prevent unnecessary wear on the model without any dimensional buildup.