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Blazer Butane - RF300 Refill Instructions:
1. Do not shake can.
2. Make sure torch is off before filling.
3. Find female refill hole on bottom of torch.
4. With Butane can in one hand and can in the vertically down position, insert metal male attachment tip of can and press into female hole of torch, being held in the other hand.
5. Make sure torch is vertically aligned with can.
6. Blazer torches do not need extra attachment tips. The metal tip will work best.
7. Fill torch till Butane sprays off at connection. (Note: There will be minor leakage during fill process) 8. Your torch is full.
9. Wait 1 minute before re-lighting torch.
10. Re-apply cap to Butane can and store away from flame and heat source.

Butane MSDS - <<- Click Here ->>